Monday, January 11, 2010

Reference: Walruses suffer losses as sea ice erodes, Bangkok Post, January 11, 2010

It is a fanciful idea that carbon dioxide emissions are causing polar bears and walruses to die out (Walruses suffer losses as sea ice erodes, Bangkok Post, January 11, 2010) as the data show that their numbers are growing, not diminishing.The only threat to these creatures has been over hunting, not carbon dioxide. They have seen a lot worse than the 2007 summer melt and they are still around and thriving. Subsequent summer melts and winter recoveries in the Arctic after 2007 did not get progressively worse as predicted by the warmists but did exactly the opposite. It is possibly because they have been thus spurned by the ice data that the warmists are now playing the Bambi card with the spurious claim that our carbon dioxide emissions are harming cute and cuddly creatures.

Cha-am Jamal


CPMJohn said...

Check-out lady at store yesterday was all upset about the poor polar bears dying off do to AGW's killing off arctic ice. I advised her that she need not worry; it's not happening. Now, with what she's learning about the "scientific" AGW scams, she thanked me for straigntening her out.

william said...

If you are referring to the internet quoted 1922 article about Spitzbergen and Bear Island being icefree in 1922 you might go to a map to see just where they are-in the Bering sea, midway between Greenland and Norway and a long way south of the permanent ice pack. (At least it used to be thought of as "permanent")

Jamal said...

thank you william. i will read that item again. i recall it said that it was ice free up to 89.5 degrees north.