Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Reference: Global warming temperature data, June 2008

According to the monthly global mean temperature anomaly data published by NASA, the monthly mean temperature of the earth's surface in June 2008 was 14.26C, 0.28 degrees cooler than in June 2007 when it was 14.54C. To make sure that the data for the month of June is not a fluke one may compare six-month moving averages. In June of 2008 that average was 14.44C, 0.33 degrees cooler than the same average one year ago when it was 14.77C. It should be mentioned that over the last 12 months human activity has generated more greenhouse gases than ever before in any other 12-month period. Yet, the earth did not get warmer. It got colder. The idea that fossil fuel consumption directly attenuates global surface temperature has been proven wrong.This alleged relationship is the basis of the Kyoto Protocol and of its extension to 2020 and beyond now sought by the global warmists.

Cha-am Jamal

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