Thursday, October 08, 2009

Reference: Warming ocean melts Greenland glaciers, Bangkok Post, October 7, 2009

The melting of glacial tongues and sea ice in Greenland and the Arctic (Warming ocean melts Greenland glaciers, Bangkok Post, October 7, 2009) have to do with shifting ocean currents and the El Nino effect both of which are natural events. These phenomena do not imply that glaciers themselves are melting, nor that the Arctic is being warmed by atmospheric carbon dioxide trapping heat. Climate scientists with a global warmist agenda, even after admitting these events are natural and not man made, find it necessary still to bring up carbon dioxide emissions and rising sea levels in the same breath. Clearly there is no causal connection between carbon dioxide emissions and shifting ocean currents; or between how long a glacial tongue takes to melt and rising sea levels. Climate scientists continue to lose credibility by interpreting short term natural variability as long term trend and making alarming forecasts of doom. Only if a mass balance shows that snowfall minus glacial flow to the ocean is negative and only if this process can be shown to be a long term trend and not a singular event, can rising sea level be inferred; and the projected sea level rise can be considered calamitous only if the time frame is sufficiently short. A two meter sea level rise over a few decades may be calamitous but the same rise over thousands of years is not.

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