Friday, July 31, 2009

The Copenhagen Protocol

The Montreal Protocol went bust when it became apparent that ozone depletion over polar regions was part of a natural cycle and not man made. Thereafter, the Kyoto Protocol was necessary to ensure continued funding for the Montreal Protocol fearologists. Now that the Kyoto Protocol is about to expire without result, these scaremongering scientists have set the stage in Copenhagen for yet another round of fear-based extortive funding to support the lavish lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

Cha-am Jamal


CPMJohn said...

Wow, Jamal. I hope you have your crap resistant rain coat ready; those professional envirowhackos will be coming for you soon.

bruce7654 said...


Your use of phrases such as:
"fearologists, scaremongering scientists, and fear-based extortive funding;" are highly emotive, unscientific and, some might say, paranoid. They are not reasoned or rational. They produce comments like John's about "professional envirowhackos".

Name calling and spreading silly internet-based myths is not criticsm. It also betrays the source of all your nonsense to be emotive, unscientific and irrational. Are you, per chance, a big reader of Rush Limbaugh.

Be careful Jamal, check your (non)sources. Your arguments are simply childish, paranoid rants with a hint of conspiracy thoeory thrown in.

I will continue to ask this question though you never respond, (I wonder why?) Where are the (peer reviewed) sources to all the myths you quote as fact. Just one source would be nice, but not Limbaugh please.

Jamal said...

i think you are right bruce that my use of offensive words like fearologists does detract from the main argument and that is that the underlying science of the montreal protocol - that ozone thinning and the growth of the ozone hole were man made - turned out to be wrong. in fact, these events are part of a natural cycle. my arguments in detail are here:

i have heard rush on the radio but i am not a fan and i do not count myself as a right winger nor as a supporter of the oil industry.