Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reference: New sudy warns of climate time bomb, Bangkok Post, February, 16, 2009

It is reported that nature could emit 1000 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere from the Arctic permafrost and unleash climate change devastation upon us (New sudy warns of climate time bomb, Bangkok Post, February, 16, 2009). In comparison, the 10 billion tons per year of carbon dioxide we emit from fossil fuels seem irrelevant. The global warmists appear to have over-reached once again in their scare strategy; for faced with overwhelming natural forces that would kill us anyway, we would be less motivated to continue funding the Kyoto Protocol and its future incarnations. In 2007, scientists had announced that global warming had reached a "tipping point" - some kind of point of no return - and that we were doomed; that even if we cut carbon emissions climate change was now irreversibly upon us and there was no escape. Realizing their tactical error they soon released a revised assessment saying that there was still time for scientists, properly funded, to save the earth (Still time to avert the worst, Bangkok Post, September 27, 2007). There exists an optimal degree of scariness that maximizes funding and exceeding the optimal degree could itself become a tipping point for global warming researchers.

Cha-am Jamal

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