Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Reference: India already hit by rising temperatures, Bangkok Post, February 3, 2007

It had been reported for some time right up until 2007 that carbon dioxide emission from the use of fossil fuels is melting so much ice and causing so much thermal expansion of the oceans that the consequent rise in the sea level has inundated 2 out of 104 islands in the Sunderbans mangrove forests that straddle India and Bangladesh (India already hit by rising temperatures, Bangkok Post, February 3, 2007). These reports have now ceased. The Sunderbans form the delta of three giant rivers - the Ganges, the Meghna, and the Brahmaputra - and although there is river erosion that destroys existing islands, in the net, the millions of tons of silt end up making more islands than erosion takes away. The delta is not a static thing but ever changing and  always growing by virtue of the amount of silt the rivers bring and deposit in the delta. That two out of 104 islands were taken by the rivers is not an unusual occurrence and in the net since then there are more islands in the delta than there were when the IPCC issued the alarm that global warming was flooding the delta. 

Cha-am Jamal

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CPMJohn said...

Yes! If AGW is causing the oceans of the world to rise, why are the tidal levels of Petaluma River, a slough connected to the San Francisco Bay (and therefore the Pacific Ocean), the same as they were when I was a teenager...50 years ago!?