Monday, February 02, 2009

A letter to President Obama

Mister President

Global warming is a scam. A correlation between x and y in historical survey data does not establish causality because it could mean that x causes y or that y causes x or that a third unobserved variable causes both x and y or even that the correlation is spurious and it does not contain any causality information whatsoever. Causality may only be inferred from controlled laboratory experiments and there has been none. Please don't let the global warming junk science derail your economic stimulus plan. Please take a good unhyped unhysterical cold logic look with that well-wired brain of yours at what the global warming people are saying. It will not make sense. What's worse, they are actually cheering on the economic meltdown because it will lower greenhouse gas emissions. These people are the enemy of your economic revival plan. Please do not trust people who are happy about recession to help you in your efforts to revive the stalled economy.

Cha-am Jamal

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Anonymous said...

Mister Jamal,

I see your point. I would like to take it further. From now on my government will be fundamentalist Christian in nature. I will pray and God will tell me what to do. God created the universe six thousand years ago, as George W believes. How do I know this? Because all these spurious, alternative, big bang-style theories cannot be reproduced in a laboratory – and therefore cannot be true. Praise be.