Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reference: Perfect hostesses outclass sexy cheerleaders, Bangkok Post, August 20, 2008

Chairman Mao, who spent his life preaching gender equality, is surely rolling over in his grave while his successors are busy selecting their Olympic hosts according to criteria that relegate women to a role that is nothing more than human sex toys. The specifications described in the Post (Perfect hostesses outclass sexy cheerleaders, Bangkok Post, August 20, 2008); that the hosts have to be women, that their eyes must be 3/10 the length of their faces, that they must be pretty and precise, that they must smile continuously, that they must have specified appearance, body shape, age, and height, that they must have a plump but not fat body, that the ratio between the width of the nose and the length of the face and that between width of the mouth and the distance between the pupils must be within specifications - would be more suited to ordering a sex toy from realdoll.com than describing human beings. Mao surely made his share of mistakes during his time at the helm but his message of class and gender equality are timeless treasures for the Chinese people, more precious than a thousand Olympics.

Cha-am Jamal

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