Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reference: The energy crunch: crisis or opportunity, Bangkok Post, July 17, 2008

According to an article in the Bangkok Post, the high price of crude oil is actually a blessing in disguise because it has encouraged the development and use of alternative sources of energy such as hydrogen, ethanol, and biodiesel ( The energy crunch: crisis or opportunity, Bangkok Post, July 17, 2008). It should be noted in this context that hydrogen is not an alternative source of energy but only a method - an a very inefficient method - of delivering energy from fossil fuels. The hydrogen that you use in your hydrogen fueled car is made from natural gas. It should also be mentioned that ethanol and biodiesel have been made profitable not just by rising oil prices but by government and carbon trading subsidies. As well, the rapid increase in their production, though once pushed as a panacea by global warmists, is now being derided by the very same activists as an environmental disaster See "Asia's growing oil palm farms seen as climate change threat", Bangkok Post, October 2007, "Orangutans may be first great apes to die out", Bangkok Post, April 6, 2008, and "Crime against humanity: biofuels are harming developing countries", Bangkok Post, July 12, 2008. It's global warming hysteria gone bad. Bad science can be harmful and does not always offer the safer option.

Cha-am Jamal

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