Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Odd prose from the Bangkok Post, June 3, 2008

1. MBA students definitely and automatically earn much meritorious reputation with the MBA abbreviation behind their names.

2. Top-notch Thais who make it to the shortlists are rare.

3. Ivy League Thai students are golden.

4. The hardship he has gone through probably couldn't be stressed enough. One could only imagine.

5. After graduating from an international programme in economics from Thammasat University, he entered the world of nine-to-five quite interestingly.

6. His experience in business overseas has given him an edge in the MBA bloodbath, but only metaphorically speaking, of course!

7. Though he seems very talented and bright, Win unfortunately had no trick up his sleeve.

8. He is expecting to learn more and harvest as much knowledge he possibly could there because this 100-year-old school is widely known for its "Socrates-style" case method, that requires classmates to discuss case studies.

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